BBC Radio One Demo – Monday 6th June 2011

BBC Radio One, Great Portland Street, London.

The target.

Being in there for two days and then having to leave (not forcefully luckily – that’s what you get for befriending the security guard).

For those of you who are not religious followers of my blog, I was lucky enough to be granted the opportunity to record a demo at BBC Radio One. A demo is simply a three minute amalgamation of what you believe proves you to be an ace radio presenter – so you would hand it in to a job application as an addition to your CV. Although as this has so many elements it’s not exactly three minutes.

Once the reality of going up to London to record this demo sunk in, it dawned on me about how under-prepared I felt. I only created my original demo from two weeks of properly structured shows. Before my shows were developed ramblings of a girl learning to use the studio properly.

So the people at R1 are expecting me to come in, have a show schedule sorted, maybe some features, and probably planned to high heaven – whereas the reality was me worrying that they had made a big mistake, and will be realising this sooner than expected.

I headed up to old London town the Wednesday before to gain a better idea of how we were going to do this demo, and to meet up with SRACON judges Sam Gregory, Chris North and Neil Sloan.

We came to the decision, seeing as I am training to be a journalist and am not entirely sure about my future yet, that I would sample several styles of Radio One shows. So the list was compiled to be:

–          Top ten chart run down.

–          Request show with a caller.

–          Specialist new music sell (I chose Jamie Woon).

–          Promotion of the Nero’s Dubstep Symphony.

–          Newsbeat Bulletin.

I feel that this was to be the best way of me utilizing R1 facilities, so if I apply for a presenter job then I would send both this demo and a general one.

The day itself was quite surreal. The Wednesday during my first visit I met Scott Mills moisturising on the floor of the daytime office and was introduced to Greg James. On the actual day I grazed shoulders with Chris Moyles, Fearne Cotton, and was lucky enough to sit in on Greg’s show. I didn’t take any photos as the fan girl inside me wanted to. But my pride wanted to try and look more respectable to the future people I want to work with. Also not owning a decent camera had a big impact. Maybe I could have asked to have borrowed one of the several paparazzi’s cameras?

Seeing the dynamics between the presenters, producers and the rest of the team just makes me want to work there more. Hopefully after this demo this could make my radio career at R1 closer to reality and seem slightly more in sight.

I think the demo itself went quite well. There are bits I would like to redo. The key element that stands out to me is that, especially with the chart rundown, my confidence grew nearer to the end. But I see this as a working progress. I am only in my first year at BU, so would want to finish my degree before seriously thinking of getting a job in radio.

I think any feedback would be good, but as I said – work in progress, the best is yet to come.


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