End of Fresher life.

…And so comes the end of my first year at university. It’s been a busy, different and more importantly exciting year. Since leaving home to live on my own for the first time, I have a new freedom that I was scared of trying back in Devon.Unplugged Experiment

When I reflect back on experiences I’ve had – I can be quite analytical in how I see them. In this case, I can’t just agree it has been a successful first year, I feel compelled to list how I came to this decision.

So in this case, in terms of my journalistic career, before university I had to prove what experience I have had so Bournemouth could see how I deserved to be on the course. Compared to this year – that list might as well be none existent.

So here is my boring list. The key successful events to have happened this year which have made me smile.

–          Unplugged Experiment: BBC News & ZDF News

–          My Sun début featuring projector porn.

–          BBC Countryfile Work Experience.

–          Visit Mr Rory Cellan-Jones at BBC Television Centre.

–          Wake up to Nerve – Nerve FM breakfast show.

–          Student Radio Conference Demo Factor.

–          BBC Radio One.

–          Caters Work Experience.

Wake Up To NerveIf you’re thinking, I have no idea what any of those topics are you can find them around my blog – what a good excuse for you to have a look around.

I couldn’t have wished for a better year. My only fear is that I’ll have a case of first year luck – and it’ll be a hard year to top. Almost one hit wonder like… Please don’t turn me into Chesney Hawks or whatever the name of that person who had that hit -Who? Exactly.

So here’s to next term. I’ve got some work lined up with Muso’s Guide, reviews and interviews for Boardmasters and Leopallooza, and possible a work placement with The Bay.

I would like to add something mushy about how living my life away from home has allowed me to meet some fantastic people – but that’s all you’re going to get on that one. Except this: Read this.

On a note which is completely unrelated to journalism or Bournemouth or university. I’ve made a pledge to myself to do more art (whilst the pressure is off for a month or two) and… perhaps the harder of the pledges… to start learning a musical instrument. More specifically, a piano. I don’t have a piano or a keyboard so let’s see if that actually happens.