Brief Magazine: Illustration

My friend Joe Tattersall has started up this online zine dedicated to showcasing young creative talents with a one word brief. This is the second issue and I was glad Joe asked me to create an illustration with the one word brief of ‘Rules’. The concept of being constrained by rules came to me, hence the cage, and then looking over some of MC Escher‘s work provoked me to think of the rules of reality and logic.

A combination of these thoughts and a night of scribbling came up with the image below.

I created a second blog to showcase some of the artwork I dibble-dabble in, the link is if you would like to cast your eye over more sketchings.


Charlie Baker interview March 2012

As someone who is relatively new to the stand up scene Charlie Baker has a remarkably familiar face. You have probably seen him playing a cameo role in Doctor Who or IT Crowd, but this all singing; all tap dancing funny man is has more than enough tricks up his sleeve to keep you entertained when he performs at the Plough Arts Centre this April.

This recording includes some questions about his Bournemouth date to for its broadcast on Nerve Radio.

The feature below is published today in the North Devon Journal before his date at the Plough Arts Centre.


Download PDF here.