Interviewed: Fenech Soler

Published in Nerve Magazine, October 2012


The Wedding Factor: Men at Weddings

Here’s the first in a two-part feature I have written for The Wedding Factor magazine. This issue looks at the roles men have to perform at weddings and the next, published in the new year, will look at the women’s roles.

My Prison Pen Pal

So I have created a second blog for my major multimedia project. It’s about prison pen pals and so if you’d like to know more click on the image below and it’ll whizz you straight over there. It’s my final major project for my course and it’ll be completed in five months time, which I am sure will go far too quickly.

It would be great if you already follow this site then to also give my blog a follow too. And while we’re talking of following its twitter account is @PenPalPrisoners.


Arrivals FM Roundup

Here marks then end of Arrivals FM on Nerve Radio, and my first challenge as station Manager of Nerve Radio. I know of course I am expected to say it did well, but it really did.

As someone who hadn’t been on the radio committee before, I was slightly concerned that I had thrown myself into the deep end a bit too far.

The Cramatics get to know Nerve Panda

During this FM fortnight we our brilliant experienced presenters with great features and interviews – The Vaccines and Lucy Rose to name a couple. We also had three outside broadcasts; Freshitval, Dub Optic and of course the live show at the Freshers Fair.

The freshers fair was a personal highlight for me, with the Cramatics performing a live set in front of hundreds of eager freshers signing up to join our station.

Following all of this we have now signed up more new members that Nerve has ever known before – and the problem of this success will follow next week as our training team work from 9am-6pm to get everyone ready for our new schedule the following week.

Live Freshers Fair Show

Also during the middle of all this training we have the Student Radio Association regional training days. Nerve is sneeking over to the South East’s day in Southampton instead of hopping over to Wales for the South West’s. We’ve got so many Nerve members wanting to get involved we are even now having to say no to more coming along.

On this free training day we have speakers from BBC Radio Solent, Ministry of Sound and Capital FM. Following this there is the infamous nominations party for the Student Radio Awards. Nervous much? The nominations are going to be announced by Zoe from Capital Breakfast and fingers crossed for any Nerve or Nerve Alumni member up for an award.

In the meantime with dissertation, major multimedia project, work experience, modelling shoots, the upcoming US elections and a radio station to run – let’s just say I can’t complain of not having anything to do.

Click below to listen to my Arrivals FM podcasts.