US Election Coverage

On November 6th, US Elections night, over 300 students volunteered to work on the US 2012 project from the Bournemouth University NewsLab. The month long project began back in October with news and features on the campaign being made for Radio, TV and Online before 10 hours of live broadcasting during results night.

Before the allnighter, this was our promotional video.

On the night itself I presented on Hope FM and our online radio stream from 1.30am GMT to 7.00am GMT, within this time on air, Obama was announced as the victor and so this meant a lot of impromptu output and required a lot of quick thinking to keep our broadcast sounding professional.

Here are some of my highlights.

During election night, BBC Solent commissioned us to make a package on how social media was used during the elections.

Before the night itself I recorded this light hearted radio package about the presidential candidates singing and whether this would help or hinder their campaign.