Eccentric Electric Six frontman Dick Valentine speaks to Charlotte Gay

My interview with the weird and wonderful Dick Valentine before their gig at The Old Firestation has just been published in Nerve Magazine.

Have a read below and check out the rest of the monthly magazine here.

Also if you want to listen to the eccentric man himself, why not listen to the podcast.
Nerve Magazine #04


Popular podcasting

I was putting up catch-ups of my show on my Mixcloud page for over a year and the time had come for me to make a proper podcast to go on iTunes and other podcasting sites.

The Charlotte Gay Podcast

The Charlotte Gay Podcast

For those who are not aware, iTunes has a New and Noteworthy section of it’s podcasting page where they put the top podcasts they reckon are worth a listen to. At this point The Charlotte Gay Podcast has bounced around in there for coming up to two weeks, which means there are some people out there who like what they hear or at the very least are intrigued by my name.


New and Noteworthy

The podcast is listed under the music tab but this doesn’t completely limit the podcast’s content. It will be a compilation of my Nerve radio, new Hot Radio shows and interviews from the world of music and comedy.

Why visiting Devon can terrify an international drug dealer

For those who are not already familiar with his story, Howard came from surprisingly humble beginnings in the small Welsh mining town of Kenfig Hill. After moving to Oxford to study Nuclear physics it seemed as if he had his life set out for him as a successful teacher, and although he may have dabbled in some teaching since, his illustrious career definitely took a turn for the less noble and he heading to Exeter to tell you all about it.

Click on the North Devon Journal and Express & Echo links to see the full page features

You can also listen to the Howard Marks episode of the podcast if you want to hear what the international drug baron has to say.

Published: North Devon Journal

Published: North Devon Journal

Published: Express and Echo

Published: Express and Echo