British observations of Berlin

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So this American chap did this and it was rather popular.

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So feeling inspired by Scott Waters observations on life in England, I wrote this notes on my phone during my last day in Berlin.

Now to wait and see if this goes viral in Germany… maybe not.

  • Currywurst tastes¬†different across the city – ¬†I think I prefer skinless because it makes it a bit crunchier.
  • I don’t like beers but I can drink a fair amount of beer when I am on a beer and currywurst tour.
  • The Original Berlin Food Tour was the best thing I did all week.
  • I do not like grog.
  • Shopping centres are so globalised. I was sitting in Starbucks, swiping free wi-fi, listening to Wolf Alice, drinking tea, and looking out at all the brands I could buy from in the UK.
  • I was shown a brilliant pub – called The PUB – completely obsessed with pugs. I even got a postcard to bring back.
  • I like that street art’s a big deal here too.
  • Little Lucy is my new favourite street art character. Basically Itchy and Scratchy cartoon violence in the form of a girl who likes to kill her cat in various ways.
  • I did not plan for how cold it was – the scarf I bought is basically a picnic blanket.
  • Wear good trainers, you’ll be walking in them a lot.
  • I could live here and probably never have to speak a word of German… Though I would hate to be that person.
  • I prefer the U Bahn and S Bahn to the tube. There’s no ticket barriers, I think travel is cheaper, and I’m told some people even choose not to pay at all and risk the fine every 2 weeks or whenever they’re caught out.
  • The inspectors dress like everyday scruffy people so you don’t see them coming till they’re asking to see your ticket.
  • It feels cleaner than the tube and it’s overground more often so I didn’t get dirty nostrils.
  • (Enough about trains)
  • Bristol has Shaun the Sheep and Gromits… Berlin had Buddy Bears everywhere.
  • I wish I like desserts more… People here can eat so much cake.
  • Brunch is a big deal.
  • Traditional Breakfasts here are much healthier than British fry ups. But I think I prefer fry ups – who wants a salad for breakfast?
  • Spotted their Scientology Church… kept on walking.
  • You can smoke in pubs still… If it’s small and not serving food.
  • You can walk around the city after dark doesn’t feel dangerous.