Hey, my name is Charlotte Gay.

I’m a 24-year-old broadcast journalist and radio presenter/podcaster.

I’m currently a reporter for  Global Radio‘s Bristol newsroom which covers the West of England.

Roughly, once a month I report for our London newsroom and across all the Global Radio brands – Heart Capital LBC Classic XFM and Smooth.

Back in 2013 I finished my Multimedia Journalism degree at Bournemouth University and can proudly say I achieved a first.

Before finishing university I was station manager of student station Nerve Radio, leading a team of 13 committee member along with 200+ volunteers.

After graduating I freelanced for a year as a broadcast journalist, broadcast assistant, presenter, voice coach and generally anything media orientated I could get my hands on.

Between 2008 and 2014 I’ve voiced and produced my own radio show, starting with Acorn FM/Fresh FM, then Nerve Radio and finally for Hot Radio.

Sadly I’m unable to present regularly now with my full time job but I am always looking to build on my podcasting and presenting skills.

In my spare time I’ve like to get to as many live gigs as possible and meeting the performers, and to find more time to entertain myself with sketching, painting and other art attack moments. Have a look at my Tumblr.

This is a portfolio to showcase my radio and journalistic skills, whilst also keeping you amused with occasional blog updates and regular tweets.

Please visit my references for both radio presenting feedback and work placement comments from the professionals I have worked with.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Charlotte,

    Sorry for the very random message! But I am a third year Media and Comms student from Birmingham working on my final project, which is a radio documentary piece. Just so happens that I too am doing a project on Prison Pen Pals and would so love for you to contact – I saw your youtube clips and thought you had some great insights. I would love to interview you. I know time is precious, so even a skype interview would be really helpful!

    My name is Samie Kerr! I’m a real person, don’t worry and not a complete weirdo either haha! I’m on twitter @samiekerr and my e-mail is samiekerr@gmail.com if you wanna chat further!

    Thanks so much 🙂 x

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