Videos For Radio

“Would you mind if I also film a couple bits with you?”

“Oh… I thought you did interviews for radio…?”

A typical response from people who find it odd that the reporter from Heart says she not only wants to interview you but also get you to say a few words for people on Twitter to watch and click on.

Video’s now being expected in all radio newsrooms and just taking a couple pics for the website or news twitter account isn’t enough. Luckily for me I’ve had a good training in how to use a camera and edit a decent package, so going out to film as well as do all the usual radio bits isn’t too much of shock to the system.

But, something new I’m having to get used to is filming almost everything from a device that I can fit in my backpacker instead of lugging around a hefty camera and tripod.  

Shaun the Sheep Bristol Trail Challenge

What’s Giving Blood Like?

Twitter Video 

Also couple of examples of more instant video stuff that goes straight to Twitter.


US Election Coverage

On November 6th, US Elections night, over 300 students volunteered to work on the US 2012 project from the Bournemouth University NewsLab. The month long project began back in October with news and features on the campaign being made for Radio, TV and Online before 10 hours of live broadcasting during results night.

Before the allnighter, this was our promotional video.

On the night itself I presented on Hope FM and our online radio stream from 1.30am GMT to 7.00am GMT, within this time on air, Obama was announced as the victor and so this meant a lot of impromptu output and required a lot of quick thinking to keep our broadcast sounding professional.

Here are some of my highlights.

During election night, BBC Solent commissioned us to make a package on how social media was used during the elections.

Before the night itself I recorded this light hearted radio package about the presidential candidates singing and whether this would help or hinder their campaign.

Elaine’s Story – The Care Division

In a side project to our course studies, a group of journo’s and I agreed to create this video for the Care Division and Dot Community.

It is a video showing what Elaine’s life is like now she is out of institutional care and living within the Poole and Bournemouth community. It was the first time any of us had worked with someone with learning disabilities and made for an interesting and important learning experience.

Also we were pleased to be treated like a production company in our efforts, so as well as being paid for this production we also understood we needed to follow a client’s brief.

Although we all helped each other, our roles were roughly:

Director: Charlotte Gay

Editor: Alice Simons-Denville

Camera: Ben Tyrer

Sound: James Hibberd

For more information on Elaine’s life, I’ve written a small online feature about people with learning disabilities living in the community here.

Fun Kids/Create Soho work placement


The highlight of my work placement with Create Soho had to be going to film this video at Legoland. Originally selected to play the role of Henry, my height let me down for a change, so I was on sound and being a runner for the day. Although unfortunately not starring in the footage, my pink folder makes a sneeky appearance instead.

So here’s Luke Franks, 2012 Sony Rising Star award winner, having some fun with Horrid Henry.


The Truth Behind Hypnotherapy.

I was approached by BA TV students to help present this documentary, aiming to uncovering the mysteries surrounding the treatment.

It was a strange experience and I have written more about it in an upcoming feature for The Rock. However, in the meantime, enjoy the documentary.

Video: The Charlotte Gay Show on Nerve FM

It has come to that time of year again when Nerve Radio joins Bournemouth and Poole’s FM airwaves.

For two weeks Nerve Radio will be broadcasting on 87.7FM and through

Listen into my show on Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th from 1 – 3pm – where I will be joined by part time producer Caroline Scott.

To get in touch you can tweet me or the station, leave a message on the Facebook wall, or message in via the site.


Branding – Web Video

My partner Alice Simons-Denville and I, were set the task of creating a web video. The only aim for the footage was to not be structured in a typical news package style.We opted to a ‘creature comforts‘ style of documentary, where we recorded informal interviews with people about branding and their thoughts.

It might seem a little rough around the edges but it was probably made in about 24 hours.

The Edge: Stereotypes. A BAMMJ Documentary

This documentary is the final part of our television module for this year. We decided to create a piece on how stereotypes are still present in society today.

Bangin’ News

This our pilot youth show aimed for those aged between 16-24. Filmed around Bournemouth and Birmingham NEC Clothes Show Live 2011.

It was so much fun to film, it didn’t feel like we were actually doing work.

Tackling Light Pollution in Bournemouth

This is my next television package. It’s a bit longer at 1’33” and covers the issues of Light Pollution.

Filmed in Bournemouth, I can confess I got a lot of weird looks for being that girl who was filming the street lights in Winton.

I will update this if I get a first… If I don’t get a fantastic grade I may stay quiet.