Radio Presenting Feedback

Student Radio Association Judges 2013 for Best Female Nominee entry

Judge 1. Brilliant, straight into a link at the start of your demo! You have listened to demo advice, well done! A confident, chatty, relaxed on-air style with a great voice. Good variety of skills and elements on the demo. A nice ‘in’ to the interview section, so pleased you didn’t just repeat the question at the start of your interview. You are engaging and entertaining Charlotte.

Judge 2 (Jo GoodCharlotte, I LOVE Your voice. It’s a gift, and an instrument that I want to you to continue to develop. PLEASE! I am so jealous of you girls who have such a beautiful tone! Do you know of Hattie Pearson? She’s a previous SRA winner who now has a show on XFM. She’s another girl with a gift of a voice that she uses well. Also, Jen Long….you should DEFFO listen to Jen. But if you do, be careful not to end up imitating her by mistake as the two of you do sound quite similar. Your write up was also really good and gave me a proper over-view of what you’ve been doing. In summary then: I love your voice. I love that you’re not a ‘girly’ girl. I love that you are confident. Well Done Girl.

Chris Sawyer, producer of the Scott Mills show on BBC Radio One and judge of the “Best Female” Nerve Award 2013

I love the idea for Fifty Shades of Gay! It’s very funny, well explained and set up. In the interview with Howard Marks it seems like there’s some rapport between you and him, and it sounds like a good story from him.  The self-deprecating story about the Facebook picture is fun and real. The entry as a whole is relaxed and confident!”

Chris Stark, co-presenter of the Scott Mills show on BBC Radio One and judge of the “Best Interview” Nerve Award 2013

This interview was really professional. Dick Valentine [Electric Six] clearly liked Charlotte and she responds brilliantly to everything he says e.g. ‘sounds like a cocktail’. Charlotte also brilliant managing to get a reference to the station you’re broadcasting on. The questions weren’t boring and Charlotte was great at bringing audience in on it with the tweeted questions from listeners. This won it for me – a really entertaining interview.”

Sam Gregory, Wise Buddah Talent Manager and Executive Producer for Round 2 Creative – Demo April 2012, Radio One Demo 2011 and Demo Factor 2011

I think you’ve got a very natural, quirky but authoritative sound. You’ve got great phrasing in terms of delivering a thought to the audience. Very natural, your music interview is very strong, and therefore building yourself in this area as a credible new Jo Whiley – she has left a gap at R1 no other female jock can fill for her live sessions – might be a way forward. I can almost hear a young Lauren Laverne thing emerging that again there is gap for aimed at Radio 1 audience. You’re also natural with interaction”

“The request show part when you got into the conversation was again by the far the strongest bit I think. You have quite a natural rapport with interaction, there’s loads of potential there.”

Dan Mumford, Radio One and 1Xtra Station Sound Manager – Demo April 2012

I just had a listen to your demo and it sounds great! I really like your voice and presenting style – It’s really confident and you always sound like you’re having fun and smiling – a big plus! I like your stories – they’re really relatable to the Radio 1 / 1Xtra audience. I really liked the one about skydiving – It was a really honest, funny story which gives the impression that you understand your audience – again a great quality! So yeah a really strong voice and confident presenting style. Oh and Gay Pride is a wicked feature. Very clever title!”

 Chris Sawyer, Assistant Producer at BBC Radio 1 and Dave Cribb, Comedy Producer at BBC Radio – judges of Nerve Radio Awards 2012

Best Interview:  Charlotte Gay with Doug Stanhope – An entertaining listen, in which you deal with the big personality and renowned reputation of Doug very well. As a listener you feel like he warms to you and as such opens up to you – a crucial factor in any good interview.”

‘Best Female Presenter’ Student Radio Award Entry Feedback, 2012

Charlotte, you have the mature-sounding (I mean that in a good way!) professional voice of a broadcaster who has been on the air for years. Your confidence and energy shines through the speakers and you wouldn’t sound out of place on a CHR station like Capital.

You’re obviously a great storyteller with a great ability to paint pictures, not only that but you’re a confident and knowledgeable interviewer who with the interviewee feels right at home. Well done.

Charlotte’s submission is fun and energetic. Charlotte displays an ability to tell stories and really engage the audience. Features such as Gay Pride are simple but effective. When interviewing Ben Howard Charlotte is not scared to ask questions that other presenters may not have the confidence to ask.

Charlotte comes across very well – she has a good set of radio presentation skills. I feel like I got to know about Charlotte’s personality throughout this demo, and the things that matter to her. She’s good at teasing features (e.g. I’ll tell you more after this record!).”

Work Placement Feedback

Ollie Stone-Lee, Assistant Editor, Today Programme, BBC Radio Four, June 2013

Charlotte has worked on our planning desk with great enthusiasm and efficiency. Her item on pop-up restaurants worked well on the programme, for example, and she was was able to come up with her own original ideas at meetings. She also worked on the day desk and saw the programme go to air.

Maria Greenwood, Head of News, Wessex FM, May – November 2012

Charlotte has a great ability and was treated as a trained member if the news team. She has an excellent reading voice, which we’ve been able to make good use of. I would welcome Charlotte back, not just as a work experience placement, but as a freelance journalist, and would like to train her to be able to cover shifts at Wessex FM.”

Steven Corbett, Acting Editor, The Sun TV Magazine, July 2012

Charlotte was excellent, hard-working, punctual and keen to learn and be given work. She applied herself exceptionally well, has a good work ethic, when she was asked to provide work, the end result was very good.”

Alice Robertson, Producer, Create Soho. May 2012

Charlotte was very confident and always shared enthusiasm and willing to learn. During her work experience at the production company she was a runner on a day shoot, did recordings in the studio and quality checked audio. Charlotte was an asset to the team.”

Paul Stevens, Presenter and Journalist, Hot Radio. October 2011

Charlotte was punctual, enthusiastic and professional. She needed minimal supervision and was trusted to work alone in the newsroom, carrying out her tasks as requested and on time.

Charlotte’s radio presentation skills also allowed her to take part in the breakfast show as a co-host between bulletins. She contributed to regular features and confidently joined in with unscripted links. She has a warm personality, confident on-air presence and came across as really enjoying her work. Taking part in an impromptu on-air zumba session live in the studio showed she is a good sport, with an excellent sense of humour, willing to go the extra mile to inform and entertain.”

Rosanna Rothery, Features Editor, North Devon Journal. August 2011

Charlotte demonstrated an interest in and enthusiasm for all aspects of the local art, theatre and music scene. She was confident when interviewing artists, musicians and singers on the telephone, in person and via email. She showed common sense and initiative when prioritising her workload over the week. Her manner was bright and engaging.

Charlotte proved to be capable of tacking a variety of leisure based articles and was able to handle feedback about her work and adapt it accordingly. She also demonstrated an ability to follow a brief.”

David Burner, Director, Caters News Agency. July 2011.

During Charlotte’s placement with us at Caters, I was immensely impressed with both her attitude and ability.

Charlotte worked very closely with myself during her time here so I had a great chance to put her through her paces and judge her potential. It was refreshing to work with an undergraduate who not only had a personable nature but an eagerness to cut their teeth in the tough and competitive world of journalism.

Despite little knowledge of our specific business, Charlotte appeared to grasp the need to work under tight deadlines and sometimes seek out that ‘out of the box’ approach. Charlotte not only worked on tasks given to her but also proved a ‘self-starter’, sourcing stories and images that I would expect from my own trained employees.

Being an international press agency, I am somewhat demanding in the standards I set in order to maintain our reputation but Charlotte was not found wanting. As you can tell, I cannot speak more highly of her potential and reckon that she may well turn out to be a bright star of the future.

I for one will be wanting to speak to her when her course is near to completion.”

Abigail White, Assistant Editor, Countryfile Magazine. January 2011

Charlotte was a very warm, approachable person to work with, as well as hardworking, inquisitive and professional. Her research was thorough and her features were accurate, fair, informative and well written.

Charlotte showed a very professional attitude throughout her placement, whether the task we gave her was small or large. She understood the nature of the production of a monthly magazine and how important it is to be organised. She had lots of fresh ideas that she put into action for content for the website.”


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