FGM Special on LBC

I almost thought this would never be finished. I started researching what FGM was in early 2015. For those who don’t know FGM stands for Female Genital Mutilation. It’s a horrific practice where girls, sometimes even babies, have their outer genitalia cut off and sewn up under the guise of a ‘cultural practice’.

There’s no way I want to pretend I’ve played a big role in getting this subject out of the shadows and talked about more so it can be stopped, but during my 19 months of work so many people hadn’t heard of it so it’s definitely something we need to talk about more.
My final report that went to air on LBC was three minutes long and led into interviews with politicians about what’s being done to get the UK’s first conviction.

But to pretend there was only enough material for a three minute package would be a lie. I’ve made a ten minute documentary which still only scratches the surface on such an important human rights and equality issue.

So here it is.

Here’s how it sounded at 7:50am during Nick Ferrari’s LBC breakfast show on Thursday 15th September.

This is how it was broadcast during Shelagh Fogarty’s show at 2:30pm later that day.

I couldn’t say I’m finished, because girls are still being cut and still no one’s been brought to justice for mutilating girls in the UK, but I am glad I’ve finally been able to share the work I’ve been rattling on about.

Thank you to:

Hibo Wardere – FGM Campaigner. Hoda Ali – FGM Campaigner. Layla Ismail – Forward UK. Lisa Zimmerman, Muna Hassan and everyone at Integrate Bristol. DCI Leanne Pook – Avon and Somerset Police. Baroness Northover – Spokesperson for International Development. MP Jane Ellison – FGM Campaigner. Dr Lynne Brydon – University of Birmingham.. Dr Dina Bisson – North Bristol NHS Foundation Trust. Dr Katrina Darke – The Rose Clinic. Professor Deborough Salmon – UWE. Sadya Ali – Forward UK. Mohammed El Sharif – Bristol Public Health. Claire Banks, and the school girls from St Werburghs Primary School. NSPCC. Dr Sohier Elneil and Dr Lata Gamble – UCL. Felicity Gerry QC. Zimran Samuel QC. Dr Rosa Freedman – Birmingham Law School.


Eccentric Electric Six frontman Dick Valentine speaks to Charlotte Gay

My interview with the weird and wonderful Dick Valentine before their gig at The Old Firestation has just been published in Nerve Magazine.

Have a read below and check out the rest of the monthly magazine here.

Also if you want to listen to the eccentric man himself, why not listen to the podcast.
Nerve Magazine #04

Nerve Magazine: Young Guns Interview

Check out  my interview with Young Guns from Boardmasters festival. Click below to read the whole magazine.

Or listen to the original interview here:

Boardmasters: Interviews

I was fortunate to be granted three interviews from bands playing at Boardmasters festival this year and here they are in full.


Young Guns

Pulled Apart By Horses

Leopallooza: Interviews

I was lucky enough to interview five bands and artists at this year’s Leopallooza festival and have uploaded the full length interviews of all of them.

Dan Le Sac

Lucy Rose

Charlene Soraia

Fenech Soler

Brother & Bones

Jo Caulfield Interview – Holsworthy Comedy Club


This first interview is a general interview with Jo about her performance at Holsworthy Comedy Club at The Old Market Inn and her life as a comic.

After the main interview, we continued our conversation to turn towards comedy on the radio. I wanted to ask Jo about her work in radio comedy for those at the Nerve Radio, and the student radio community, who have an interest in creating comedy for the airwaves.

One of my plans as Nerve’s new station manager is to get more speakers in the industry to come to the university to speak to members of Nerve and radio students at BU.

 Jo Caulfield on radio comedy by Charlotte Gay on Mixcloud


Elaine’s Story – The Care Division

In a side project to our course studies, a group of journo’s and I agreed to create this video for the Care Division and Dot Community.

It is a video showing what Elaine’s life is like now she is out of institutional care and living within the Poole and Bournemouth community. It was the first time any of us had worked with someone with learning disabilities and made for an interesting and important learning experience.

Also we were pleased to be treated like a production company in our efforts, so as well as being paid for this production we also understood we needed to follow a client’s brief.

Although we all helped each other, our roles were roughly:

Director: Charlotte Gay

Editor: Alice Simons-Denville

Camera: Ben Tyrer

Sound: James Hibberd

For more information on Elaine’s life, I’ve written a small online feature about people with learning disabilities living in the community here.

Charlie Baker interview March 2012

As someone who is relatively new to the stand up scene Charlie Baker has a remarkably familiar face. You have probably seen him playing a cameo role in Doctor Who or IT Crowd, but this all singing; all tap dancing funny man is has more than enough tricks up his sleeve to keep you entertained when he performs at the Plough Arts Centre this April.

This recording includes some questions about his Bournemouth date to for its broadcast on Nerve Radio.

The feature below is published today in the North Devon Journal before his date at the Plough Arts Centre.


Download PDF here.

A trance encounter – The Rock

I wrote this feature after working on the documentary The Truth Behind Hypnotherapy. This gives a more detailed personal account of the hypnosis process than the documentary.