2013 Roundup

Radio 2013, graduation, Nerve, Greg James

Clockwise starting from the left. Graduation, 2013 Nerve Awards, My Family, Meeting Greg James (again) at SRAcon13, Presenting on Nerve Radio.

Ah 2013, you’ve been quite an intense and end of an era type year.

Without repeating my Post University Roundup blog post, I’m now re-adjusting to non-academic years and the reality of adult life. Since graduating I’m working as a freelance broadcast journalist, but I am finding myself torn between my heart and my head with what to do next.

I’ve grown up adoring BBC Radio One, and as you can see meeting Greg James was one of the highlights of my year, but being a journalist and a presenter at the same time is something people in this industry are finding a little difficult to get their heads around. I’ve applied, got to interview and been dubbed as ‘also suitable’ for two BBC radio jobs now, it’s frustratingly close and yet not quite there because jobs in the beeb or this industry aren’t exactly easy to come by.

However my time as a journalist has meant my efforts into presenting have been put on the back-burner aside from my weekly Hot Radio show, I’ve not been making the podcast and need to start really channeling all the great feedback since being nominated for SRA Best Female back into my on air work.

I don’t usually blog, mainly because my radio show is often my way of audio blogging but I’m really writing this to try to push myself into working harder to get where I want the be in the radio industry.

The problem is picking my direction.

Anyway, for anyone who reads this at the time of posting, Merry Christmas and may 2014 be a successful year for you and I.


Return of The Charlotte Gay Show

The Charlotte Gay ShowThe Charlotte Gay Show returns this Sunday for your listening pleasure.


As the hand crafted show photo depicts, you can listen in at nervemedia.org.uk between the hours of 2 – 3pm of a lazy Sunday afternoon.


I’ll be bringing you my collection of band interviews I have hoarded over the summer. Kicking off with Ben Howard from the Old Fire Station.


If by the smallest chance you’re trapped under a rock during my show – there will be podcasts coming soon!


My Mixcloud

I love Mixcloud. Scratch that, I love that Mixcloud has given me its full honest permission to have unlimited downloads for free.

Sorry Soundcloud – I like my cloud related inventories – I’ve switched over my tracks now to your cousin Mix.

Here you can have a naughty first listen to my Ben Howard interview, and many other summer interviews along with that.

Feel free to have a browse.






Follow Charlotte Gay on Mixcloud

Freshers Radio 2011

Not dissimilar to the FM fortnight we held in March 2011, Freshers’ Radio broadcasted Nerve* Radio across the airwaves on FM and www.nervemedia.org.uk.

Returning as a solo presenter, I presented the last breakfast show between 10-11am weekdays throughout the two weeks.

Although feeling the effects of breakfast show early starts and re-fresher antics returning, it wasn’t the easiest two weeks I’ve done.

This year I promised myself to start podcasting, but until I figure out how I am going to go about it, I have uploaded each show’s best bits to Soundcloud.com

Technically I’ve maxed out my limit for now, so I will upload my last two shows as soon as I can.

I’ve been a bit more organised this year with my shows, actually planning features and how to not play it entirely spontaneously. I liked the news fails feature best, but not sure what new features I’ll test out once Nerve* Radio‘s new schedule is up and running.

In the meantime here’s the little archive of Freshers’ Radio.

Radio Presenting Showreel.

In my padded cell.


This is my presenting demo track, it’s hopefully going to prove to you that I am quite into this radio presenting lark.

Also comments are always going to be appreciated so if you think just  couple of things need improving drop me a message – but don’t be too mean!