So you want to be a radio reporter?


Chances are you’ve found this blog because you’re somebody who wants to go into journalism or radio or something in between.

So in that case hopefully this video will be useful for you. On the other hand you’re someone who knows me and wants to have a nosy you might think jeez what an ego trip sharing this interview.

Caroline Scott at approached me to do an interview about what it takes to be a radio reporter. I wouldn’t take every word I say as gospel but hopefully you’ll get an insight into my every day workings.

Full video:



London reporting for LBC and Global Radio national brands.

View from Global Radio HQ

View from Global Radio HQ

Last week I took on the scary role of afternoon reporter for London’s newsroom.

All I could think of while packing for the three days in the big smoke was how I likely was it that I could mess up reporting for our national brands, or live on LBC while trying to make a good impression with the big bosses

I’d pestered a few journos around the group to try prepare what was waiting for me at Leicester Square – which was just as useful for practical advice like getting in the building as other newsy tips. Here in Bristol’s newsroom, and I expect the other regionals, you’re obviously reporting on things as they happen but because Wiltshire for instance doesn’t always have an exciting story every single day I’m forward planning as much as I am reacting to what’s going on in the South West. And that was the big difference between the two newsrooms. My hours for the three days all started at ten but on both Tuesday and Wednesday it took until 2pm before anything interesting started happening – and up until then I felt a bit useless. I’m not used to just sitting still at a desk for that long so it was a relief when things did start to kick it up a gear. I may have regretted thinking that when Wednesday – my last day – didn’t have me leaving London until 11pm because of this fire in Holborn.

I’ve pulled out two clips from the work I did to basically show what were my two main reporting roles.

Lives into programmes…

And ‘almost’ lives into bulletins…

Hopefully I’ll be invited back to do it again at some point but for now… finishing shifts nearer to dinner time suits me pretty nicely.

2013 Roundup

Radio 2013, graduation, Nerve, Greg James

Clockwise starting from the left. Graduation, 2013 Nerve Awards, My Family, Meeting Greg James (again) at SRAcon13, Presenting on Nerve Radio.

Ah 2013, you’ve been quite an intense and end of an era type year.

Without repeating my Post University Roundup blog post, I’m now re-adjusting to non-academic years and the reality of adult life. Since graduating I’m working as a freelance broadcast journalist, but I am finding myself torn between my heart and my head with what to do next.

I’ve grown up adoring BBC Radio One, and as you can see meeting Greg James was one of the highlights of my year, but being a journalist and a presenter at the same time is something people in this industry are finding a little difficult to get their heads around. I’ve applied, got to interview and been dubbed as ‘also suitable’ for two BBC radio jobs now, it’s frustratingly close and yet not quite there because jobs in the beeb or this industry aren’t exactly easy to come by.

However my time as a journalist has meant my efforts into presenting have been put on the back-burner aside from my weekly Hot Radio show, I’ve not been making the podcast and need to start really channeling all the great feedback since being nominated for SRA Best Female back into my on air work.

I don’t usually blog, mainly because my radio show is often my way of audio blogging but I’m really writing this to try to push myself into working harder to get where I want the be in the radio industry.

The problem is picking my direction.

Anyway, for anyone who reads this at the time of posting, Merry Christmas and may 2014 be a successful year for you and I.

Roadkill Radio Feature.

Ever fancied eating something that has died at the side of the road?

Well that is exactly what Jonathan McGowan has been doing for most of his life.

This is my radio feature for our current affairs show based on the topic of health. It was made in a BBC R1 Newsbeat style, intended for recorded for an audience aged between 16-24.

Can proudly say I gained my highest mark to date yet 78%

It’s uploaded onto My Mixcloud profile.

Courtesy of Metro

Roadkill Diet – Radio Feature by Charlotte Gay on Mixcloud

My Mixcloud

I love Mixcloud. Scratch that, I love that Mixcloud has given me its full honest permission to have unlimited downloads for free.

Sorry Soundcloud – I like my cloud related inventories – I’ve switched over my tracks now to your cousin Mix.

Here you can have a naughty first listen to my Ben Howard interview, and many other summer interviews along with that.

Feel free to have a browse.






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End of Fresher life.

…And so comes the end of my first year at university. It’s been a busy, different and more importantly exciting year. Since leaving home to live on my own for the first time, I have a new freedom that I was scared of trying back in Devon.Unplugged Experiment

When I reflect back on experiences I’ve had – I can be quite analytical in how I see them. In this case, I can’t just agree it has been a successful first year, I feel compelled to list how I came to this decision.

So in this case, in terms of my journalistic career, before university I had to prove what experience I have had so Bournemouth could see how I deserved to be on the course. Compared to this year – that list might as well be none existent.

So here is my boring list. The key successful events to have happened this year which have made me smile.

–          Unplugged Experiment: BBC News & ZDF News

–          My Sun début featuring projector porn.

–          BBC Countryfile Work Experience.

–          Visit Mr Rory Cellan-Jones at BBC Television Centre.

–          Wake up to Nerve – Nerve FM breakfast show.

–          Student Radio Conference Demo Factor.

–          BBC Radio One.

–          Caters Work Experience.

Wake Up To NerveIf you’re thinking, I have no idea what any of those topics are you can find them around my blog – what a good excuse for you to have a look around.

I couldn’t have wished for a better year. My only fear is that I’ll have a case of first year luck – and it’ll be a hard year to top. Almost one hit wonder like… Please don’t turn me into Chesney Hawks or whatever the name of that person who had that hit -Who? Exactly.

So here’s to next term. I’ve got some work lined up with Muso’s Guide, reviews and interviews for Boardmasters and Leopallooza, and possible a work placement with The Bay.

I would like to add something mushy about how living my life away from home has allowed me to meet some fantastic people – but that’s all you’re going to get on that one. Except this: Read this.

On a note which is completely unrelated to journalism or Bournemouth or university. I’ve made a pledge to myself to do more art (whilst the pressure is off for a month or two) and… perhaps the harder of the pledges… to start learning a musical instrument. More specifically, a piano. I don’t have a piano or a keyboard so let’s see if that actually happens.