The Breeze Sample Bulletin

Over September and October I have freelanced with Celador, working on their Breeze bulletins for Southampton, Portsmouth, East Hampshire and Winchester, and Jack FM. I was generally fulfilling a reporter role until a permanent member of staff was appointed, but did get the chance to do a couple of bulletins.
Below is a sample bulletin from The Breeze Southampton‘s news.

The Breeze News Southampton

The Breeze News Bulletin by Charlotte Gay on Mixcloud


US Election Coverage

On November 6th, US Elections night, over 300 students volunteered to work on the US 2012 project from the Bournemouth University NewsLab. The month long project began back in October with news and features on the campaign being made for Radio, TV and Online before 10 hours of live broadcasting during results night.

Before the allnighter, this was our promotional video.

On the night itself I presented on Hope FM and our online radio stream from 1.30am GMT to 7.00am GMT, within this time on air, Obama was announced as the victor and so this meant a lot of impromptu output and required a lot of quick thinking to keep our broadcast sounding professional.

Here are some of my highlights.

During election night, BBC Solent commissioned us to make a package on how social media was used during the elections.

Before the night itself I recorded this light hearted radio package about the presidential candidates singing and whether this would help or hinder their campaign.

Nerve Magazine: Young Guns Interview

Check out  my interview with Young Guns from Boardmasters festival. Click below to read the whole magazine.

Or listen to the original interview here:

Boardmasters: Interviews

I was fortunate to be granted three interviews from bands playing at Boardmasters festival this year and here they are in full.


Young Guns

Pulled Apart By Horses

Jo Caulfield Interview – Holsworthy Comedy Club


This first interview is a general interview with Jo about her performance at Holsworthy Comedy Club at The Old Market Inn and her life as a comic.

After the main interview, we continued our conversation to turn towards comedy on the radio. I wanted to ask Jo about her work in radio comedy for those at the Nerve Radio, and the student radio community, who have an interest in creating comedy for the airwaves.

One of my plans as Nerve’s new station manager is to get more speakers in the industry to come to the university to speak to members of Nerve and radio students at BU.

 Jo Caulfield on radio comedy by Charlotte Gay on Mixcloud


Doug Stanhope Interview March 2012

Doug Stanhope has been doing stand-up comedy for over 21 years. The American’s style ranges from “true-life” graphic perversion to volatile social critism”, but whatever he chooses, you can guarantee it will be an alcohol fuelled evening for both Doug and the audience. Before hitting the road, Doug took some jet-lagged time out to speak to Charlotte Gay about his upcoming tour.

I originally recorded the interview for my radio show, but have since written for 247 MagazineMuso’s Guide and Nerve Media

247 Magazine Doug Stanhope PDF

Musos Guide Doug Stanhope PDF

Roadkill Radio Feature.

Ever fancied eating something that has died at the side of the road?

Well that is exactly what Jonathan McGowan has been doing for most of his life.

This is my radio feature for our current affairs show based on the topic of health. It was made in a BBC R1 Newsbeat style, intended for recorded for an audience aged between 16-24.

Can proudly say I gained my highest mark to date yet 78%

It’s uploaded onto My Mixcloud profile.

Courtesy of Metro

Roadkill Diet – Radio Feature by Charlotte Gay on Mixcloud

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I love Mixcloud. Scratch that, I love that Mixcloud has given me its full honest permission to have unlimited downloads for free.

Sorry Soundcloud – I like my cloud related inventories – I’ve switched over my tracks now to your cousin Mix.

Here you can have a naughty first listen to my Ben Howard interview, and many other summer interviews along with that.

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