ZDF News: Unplugged Experiment

On Wednesday 19th I was filmed. This aired across German television screens on Thursday 10th 8pm.

Filmed by German television crew, ZDF, they covered the official global results of the Unplugged Experiment, which I had previously worked with the BBC about. The video below is not the exact footage broadcast.

To see the news bulletin as it was fully edited and broadcast, click HERE.


Unplugged Experiment

The Unplugged Experiment was global experiment to see how different people of different ages and background could cope with going without any media access for 24 hours. Bournemouth University was the only university in the UK to take part in this task and in doing so I was selected to be followed by BBC News Technology Correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones.

The piece was broadcast on 22nd October 2010, on BBC Breakfast, BBC News at 1, BBC News24 and Online.

Click here for an interview after the experiment.



Subsequently BBC Solent interviewed me on the 23rd October 2010.